Constellation Pretty Cure! (コンステルエーションプリキュア!) is a Pretty Cure series created by Chinatsu Kiseki. The series motifs are constellations and space.

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Kariuda Aka (狩人赤) / Cure Orion (キュアオリオン) - The lead cure of the series, Aka is the passionate and energetic captain of the archery team who loves helping those in need however, is very bad in her studies. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Orion, the constellation of confidence and hope whose theme color is red. Her weapons are a bow and arrows.

Tenzora Tsubasa (天空翼) / Cure Pegasus (キュアペガサス) - A quiet member of Aka's class, Tsubasa is a kind and elegant girl with a big heart who, despite being shy, is a graceful individual who loves stargazing. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Pegasus, the constellation of grace and courage whose theme color is blue. Her weapon is a sceptre.

Kimaru Leo (黄丸レオ) / Cure Lynx (キュアリンクス) - A rebel and the brawn of the team, Leo is an extremely tomboyish girl who dropped out of school due to a fight she got into when she was 12 due to protecting her childhood friend who sadly got injured a year later from a car crash. Her Pretty Cure is Cure Lynx, the constellation of strength and protection whose theme color is yellow. Her weapons are her fists.

Hikasa Midori (日笠みどり) / Cure Lyra (キュアライラ) - A musically talented girl, Midori is a transfer student to Starlight Rose Academia and is the brains of the team. However, Midori can get easily annoyed but not angry when agitated or forced to confess something. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Lyra, the constellation of intelligence and music whose theme color is green. Her weapon is a harp.

Hikasa Mikan (日笠みかん) / Cure Phoenix (キュアフェニックス) - Midori's twin sister who loves everything to do with fashion, Mikan is often described as "shiny" and loves anything that sparkles in the light. However, Mikan tends to daydream about her future and often gets into trouble for this. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Phoenix, the constellation of dreams and the future whose theme color is orange. Her weapon is a torch.

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Lupus (ループス) - The main mascot of the series, Lupus is a cold and antisocial wolf-like fairy who tends to need either Aka or Midori to lift up his spirits. He can also transform into a human under the name Ōkami Tsuki (狼月).

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Kuroana (黒穴) - The main antagonist of the series, Kuroana is a sinister being with intentions of destroying the universe in order to create a new universe for him to rule over in darkness and despair.

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Hoshiyume (星夢) - Lupus' homeland.

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