Daisuke Jigen
次元 大介 Jigen Daisuke
AgeAround late 30's to early 40's
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Home PlaceJapan
Japanese Voice ActorKiyoshi Kobayashi
English Voice ActorRichard Epcar
Daisuke Jigen (次元大介, Jigen Daisuke) is a smooth gunman who is most seen accompanying Lupin in his endeavors and heists. Despite Jigen disliking Lupin's lust for women, to the end he remains Lupin's loyal and reliable partner.

Lupin and his gang appeared on the 2014 television special Lupin the 3rd x Pretty Cure and its theatrical film.

Appearance Edit

While Lupin and Goemon both have unique sartorial tastes, Jigen is pure basics. His typical wardrobe is a grey or black suit, white or light colored dress shirt, black tie and his ever-present grey (or black) broad-brimmed black-banded fedora; the hat ranks as his most prized possession outside of his weaponry. Even when he changes the rest of his attire he keeps his hat on and only removes it when mourning a death or during very formal occasions.

During the third season of the anime, Jigen's outfit is more light colored and his hatband has a herringbone design (similar to the original manga interpretation of the character); however the Black look is most applied for OVA productions and TV specials. Jigen's thick hair is typically collar-length and unevenly cut. His chin curtain beard is about an inch long and also unruly.