フィレンツェ Firentsu~e
SeasonMerci Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorPink
Hair ColorHazel (Florence)

Blonde (Earl)

Home PlaceParis, France
First AppearanceMPC01
Alter EgoCure Earl
Theme ColorPink (main)

White (sub)

Japanese Voice ActorYano Asami
Florence (フィレンツェ Firentsu~e) is the main character of Merci Pretty Cure!. She is a 14-year-old girl who has heart of gold as well as a love for ballet. Florence's alter ego is Cure Earl (キュアアール Kyua Āru) and she holds the power of flowers.

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Florence has curly hazel-coloured hair left cascading down her back. Her eye colour is pink. Her outfit consists of a pink shirt with a black cardigan, and wears jeans and pink heels. Her summer outfit consists of a pink t-shirt with white flowers on the front, jeans that stop just below her knees, the same shoes and gold bracelets on both of her wrists. She also wears a pink flower clip.

Cure Earl Edit

Florence has blonde hair worn in worm tails. She has two pink hair accessory on her head, one is a crown-like headdress and the other is a light pink feather. She has a light pink clover earrings. Her sleeves are puffy and attached to her black vest, a golden heart is attached at her chest with pink ribbons and her vest has two yellow ribbons with white feathery-like design. Her skirt is layered with a pink, light pink and white skirt and has a darker pink ribbons. Her arm warmers are almost reaching her sleeves and has a yellow lining with a yellow ribbon, her LovePreBrace is on her left wrist. She wears white high boots with pink ribbon and her wings are pinkish and is attached on her back.

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Florence has a heart of gold and loves to help others out. She is friendly and loves ballet, and dreams of becoming a Prima Ballerina. She is good at both studies and athletics. Florence never shouts at anyone, which worries her best friend, Marceline, greatly. She is very kind and puts others before herself, so sometimes she can forget about her safety.

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For the time being, Florence's family is unknown.

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Marceline - Florence and Marceline are best friends, and they attend ballet class together. Marceline is the second-best student in her school, while Florence is the best. Luckily, Marceline doesn't get too jealous.

Amour - Amour is Florence's fairy partner. The two work well together, and Amour acts like a mother to Florence.

Etymology Edit

Florence (フィレンツェ): Florence is a female French name that means "blossoming". The name could be a pun because Florence holds the power of flowers.

Cure Earl means a British nobleman ranking above a viscount and below a marquess.

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The great love of the Earth! Cure Earl!
"Chikyū no idaina ai! Kyua Āru!"

Cure Earl (キュアアール Kyua Āru) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Florence. She controls the power of flowers. She transforms with the phrase Pretty Cure, Kururin Mirror Change! and she can perform Pinceau Arc-en-ciel, which translates to rainbow paintbrush.

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Florence's voice actress, Yano Asami, has participated in several character songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Horie Yui, the voice actress for Marceline.

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  • Cure Earl made a cameo appearance in Episode 8 of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!, then came back to the camera for Episode 28, and finally came back for the finale.
  • Cure Earl is the first Pretty Cure to be the only member of her team. However, a second member is going to appear soon.
  • Cure Earl is the third Pretty Cure to control the power of flowers, preceded by Hyuuga Saki/Cure Bloom and Hanasaki Tsubomi/Cure Blossom.
  • She is also the third pink Pretty Cure to have blonde hair, preceded by Momozono Love/Cure Peach and Aida Mana/Cure Heart.
  • Florence's birthday falls on August 16.
    • Her zodiac is Leo.

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The original character belongs to Toei Animation. The attack and her design also belongs to Toei Animation. Everything else, however, was created by Kobayashi Tsubomi.