Kozakura Miyabi (小桜ミヤビ) is a 14-year old girl and Megumi and Seiji's new neighbor. She becomes a new member of the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure team after meeting Lacey on episode 23 of the second season. She transforms into Cure Kringle (キュアクリングル), whose theme color is green. She is symbolized by game consoles and represents gifts/talents. Her other forms are Future Girl and Daring Police.


Miyabi has dark green hair with some of it tied into a side ponytail by a red scrunchie. She wears matching, dark green eyes. Her casual outfit consists of a green blaser over a pink, check-print dress. For footwear, she wears pink sandals. She also wears a bracelet with the green button shaped like game consoles. During the winter, she replaces her blaser with a white and green jacket and her sandals with matching sneakers.

As Cure Kringle, her hair is tied into a high side ponytail and becomes bright green. Her hair is tied by a pink ribbon and a periwinkle ornament shaped like a game console. Her costume consists of a long-sleeve shirt beneath a dark blue vest lined with light green laces. Her collar is light pink. A gold insignia is attached to a light green ribbon. The skirt is a light green tube skirt. Her white shoes are only up to the ankle with gold ornaments shaped like game consoles attached to a pink wing. She wears white bracelets, with three bracelets on each hand. Her PreChan Mirror is attached to waiste part of the skirt.


Miyabi is a shy girl who usually thinks negatively and thinks she was the reason why the Happiness Charge Cures are getting easily defeated. Besides the fact that she is new, she is easily forgotten and cries in a corner whenever someone forgets. Because of this, she fights alone most of the time, only to not be giveb recognition much to her dismay.

However, Miyabi can be strong-willed and determined to win when fighting enemies though the enemy can forget her as part of the Cures as well. This, however, is an advantage to defeat the enemy and is usually the one who finishes Saiarks off.

Cure InfoEdit

"The Futuristic Puzzle Opening Hidden Gifts, Cure Kringle"

  • Binary Tsunami (finisher)
  • Kringle Negative Punch
  • Kringle Positive Punch