Meiyo Hoseki
名誉宝石 Hōseki Meiyo
Cure angel by trinitysparkle1-d997bcd
SeasonElegant Love PreCure!
15 (Cure Angel)
Eye ColorLight Blue
Hair ColorLight Blonde
Yellow (Cure Angel)
First AppearanceEpisode 22
Alter EgoCure Angel
Theme ColorWhite
 Meiyo Hoseki (名誉宝石 Hoseki Meiyo) is one of the Cures in Elegant Love PreCure!. Her alter ego is Cure Angel (キュアエンジェル Kyua Enjeru) and represents beauty. 


  • Hoseki's name means "Jewel Honor".
  • She is the third princess mentioned in the series. 
  • Hoseki is the fourth white Pretty Cure in the franchise. 
  • She was originally going to be a villian named Darkness Blur, who was going to be reformed and turned into a Cure.