This is the episode list for Merci Pretty Cure!.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 She's Born! The Great Love, Cure Earl! Monsieur Frimer 2015-02-01
Florence is a girl who has a heart of gold. On the road to her school one day, she meets a strange man, named Blue. He tells her that the world is in danger, and France needed a Pretty Cure to protect it. Blue gave Florence a Crystal of Love, and also tells her that once she releases the love inside her heart, a miracle will happen. Soon after Blue disappeared, Florence meets Monsieur Frimer, a general from the Phantom Empire. What will Florence do to save France?
02 The Style of Love! Pretty Cure Dress Up! Monsieur Frimer 2015-02-08
Florence is now the Pretty Cure of France, but she is confused on what she has to do besides fighting the Phantom Empire. Her best friend, Marceline, realises something is wrong, and tries to cheer Florence up by taking her shopping! But when Marceline is targeted for a Saiark, what will Florence do?
03 Pretty Cure Secret! Is My Cover Blown Already?! Monsieur Frimer 2015-02-15
04 Florence's Dream! I Will Protect You All! Monsieur Frimer 2015-02-22