Sophie Whitehouse

Born: December 28th 2014

(jap. Yukishiro Shizuka) is Hannah's shy daughter who has lived in France and has now moved with her mother to the family house.

Katie is partnered with Meppo and can, when with Sophie, transform into Cure Black.


Becming Pretty CureEdit

Sophie is on the aeroplane that lands in Japan.


Katie -

Yoppi -


Cure WhiteEdit

Together with Cure Black, she can perform the Marble Screw and Rainbow Therapy attacks.


Katie opens Meppo in his Card Commune form and slashes the Queen card as Sophie does the same with Yuppi. The mascots are sent up and the girls hold hands while lifting their free hands, shouting: "Dual Aurora Wave!" They are sent inside a stream-like rainbow that goes towards the sky, their bodies completely silver. Their clothes appear. Cure Black and Cure White land, and introduce themselves as the amissaries of light. Then they say together that they are Pretty Cure. After that White says: "Evil spirits of darkness..." "Return to the abyss, where you belong!" Black finishes.


The first the duo has to do, is to hold hands. Both of them raise their hands to call forth black thunder and white thunder. The blasts of lightning are shot down on their palms. As the lightnings go into the girls' hands and Back and White give out their chants, they take the hands down. They then tighten their other two hands, and they shout out the name of the attack (Pretty Cure Marble Twister). Their hands reach out toward the enemy, and the electricity streams are strongly shot out, spiraling around each other before hitting the enemy.

Their chants:

  • Cure White: "We stab out the darkness and we summon the light!"
  • Cure Black: "We join together to set things right!."