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Pretty Cure GoGo HeartEdit

The Heartful Communes are the evolved form of Card Communes that appear in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. The Heartful Communes allow Nagisa and Honoka to transform into their new forms in Max Heart and provides them with stronger powers and special "Heart Cards" to be used. The cards are inserted at the top of the Heartful Communes and then the front part is spun to use them.

The Touch Commune is what Porun switches to from his Rainbow Commune form. Unlike the other Communes, this does not come with cards. It works like the others however, allowing Hikari to transform into Shiny Luminous by waving her hand over it. The Touch Commune is round, resembling a makeup compact. The outside is white with teal along the bottom half of the top and gold lining/details with a golden bow in the center.
Touch Communes

Aruna's and Von's Touch Communes.

The other Touch Communes are what Aruna and Von use to transform into Pretty Cure. They resemble Mepple's and Mipple's Card Commune forms, but are simply devices and not the forms of the fairies who give them to the twins, thus they only have toy-versions of Mipple's and Porun's faces. They work like Porun's Touch Commune, transforming the twins by waving their hands over them.

The CureMo is the five Cures' new transformation device. The most notable ability about the CureMo is the ability to transform into Pretty Cure. Another ability granted from Queen Bavarois is the ability to communicate with fellow Pretty Cure. This way the Cures could talk to each other when in danger. One of its properties is also to catch Palmins, which were the fallen parts of the Four Rulers, who posessed the keys to the Cure Rose Garden. With this ability, the Cures were able to revive the Four Rulers when enough Palmins had been collected.

Pretty Cure New GenerationEdit

The Card Commune is used by Katie and Sophie to transform into the new Pretty Cure duo.