This is a list of episodes in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Smile Go! Go!


1. Holiday to Shiawase Yume Island!

2. Reunion for Smile and Yes! 5 Gogo Pretty Cure!

3. Eternal and Bad End Kingdom join forces! A tough battle.

4. Teach me how to draw and I will teach you how to act!

5. A letter from our parents...

6. Adventure in the beautiful castle!

7. Nozomi and Miyuki have been kiddnapped!?

8. The first time Kurumi has been worried. Will Precure be able to rescue Nozomi and Miyuki?

9.The april fools joke again Yayoi? Yayoi and Urara's joke.

10. Rin, Nao and Akane's sport tournament. The others fail badly...

11. No! Not Majorina's shrinking spell again~

12. Why am I tiny? Kurumi hates being tiny.

13. Lets found a place to be our base for the holiday!

14. We switch our Cure outfits? The Yes! girls fun day out.

15. Nozomi's date with Coco. The others annoy them~!

16. Pop's samarai video. Let's act!

17. Group attack Rose Tale Shower!

18. Yayoi is stuck in Red Riding Hood!

19. Off into Snow White~! Karen's first kiss~

20. Miyuki's won't get her nose out of a book! Nozomi's attempts.

21. Rollercoaster time~! Nao's fear of heights continue!